Nourishing Early ChildhooD
Steiner Seminar


Nourishing Early Childhood is a part-time year-long course for teachers and parents, held at the Steiner Seminar in Warranwood, Victoria. The aim is for participants to gain insight into the children they work with through the knowledge and wisdom of Rudolf Steiner in child development. In addition, this course enables them to become creative, enhance their compassion and develop self-confidence. The course uses a range of approaches, is experiential and participatory. A typical evening will include singing, artistic work, movement, group discussion, crafting and the presentations of key topics.



I really value all that you bring to us and appreciate your warm and passionate delivery. I could listen to you forever, you have such a gift of building these wonderful images through your words, it’s quite extraordinary and I feel very blessed.
— Lydia M
Your class has taken me to another level Carol, to take risks without fear and feel safe has been so nourishing for my soul. I sing with pride, dance with happiness, draw with ease, and listen with enthusiasm. You made all this happen for me and I thank you with my heart. Your beautiful nurturing soul creates magic.
— Jacqui W
Carol is a truly special human being and gifted teacher. I have learnt so much and i wish i could be a student of Carol’s for the rest of my life. Carol teaches in a such a way that few are capable of. To inspire such wonder in her students, to bring song and dance and laughter and fun to the course, while totally being able to communicate the teachings of Anthroposophy to others who have little or no experience in this knowledge,. I loved the combination of Craft, child based study, Anthroposophy, Carol’s own experiences, dance, song, special guests, group involvement, and discussion. This balance is wonderful. Carol lives what she is teaching with love and honesty and without judgement.
— Sarah W