Wise Women RetreatS

The Wise Women Retreat is a co-created experience by Deb Burnett, Julie Gissing and Carol Liknaitzky.  Our intention is to offer a space that allows each woman to truly connect with her wisdom and provide some tools to help her continue this journey in everyday life. We combine our strengths and passions to design a joyful, peaceful, mindful program using voice, biography work, crafting, drawing and Nia movement. No skills in any of these are required.


Some of the activities may resonate with you more than others. We invite you to be open to new ways of being and exploring who you are.


Each of us has deep wisdom from having lived our lives thus far, have unique stories to share and to learn from one another.

The Retreats are one, two, three or 5 days long.

They are held in Sydney and Melbourne and in the future we plan to take them to other arts of Australia and New Zealand

For more information and to see latest events, please visit our FaceBook page below.


The three Musketeers – Deb, Carol & Julie – created a rich, creative, safe space -a space where women can explore and delve into themselves. Where women support, love and encourage each other. And most of all laugh and embrace the joys that connection and wisdom brings.
— Jodie
Any woman who wishes to experience or rediscover herself as a unique and special person and to be supported on that journey will find everything they need to do that on this Wise Women’s Retreat.
— Carol Anne