Family Crafting Workshops


Family Crafting Workshops gives the whole family a special opportunity to explore, play and create together, using entirely natural materials: wood, felt (wool), clay, sand and paints made from flowers and plants.

We have crafters who create a magical space together, filled with natural materials, tools and examples to inspire. We begin with a seasonal story and song and movement and then spend the next few hours ranging freely through the crafts and going where our creativity takes us. We have toddlers, children, teenagers and parents and grandparents all making and creating together in a kind and happy space.

We have workshops across Melbourne in Northcote, St Kilda and Abbotsford.

If your school or community would like to engage us in running one for you, please contact us.



Who is it for? 

All members of families, all ages.

What will you gain/experience? 

You will be energised, experience the joy of being creative and making things you never thought you could with great support from the crafters. You will build a different kind of relationship with your family members and hopefully be inspired to continue at home, filling your lives with creativity.



Our family has thoroughly enjoyed the craft workshops. There was always a lot to do and choose from.   It is an inspiring, beautiful, relaxing and fun activity in a very gentle and warm and welcoming space. We feel privileged to have participated.
— Rene W