Parenting workshops


The 21st century confronts us and our children in particular ways with our stressful lives and overstimulation of the senses of our children. We also can experience a lack of nature in our lives, peaceful times to just hang out and play and dream. In our urban lives, we experience a sense of isolation from community and extended family members. Parenting can so often become fraught with confusion, anxiety and disconnection to our own hearts.

Are there some key insights that can help us all on our journey of parenting? Are there ways we can learn how to develop our unique relationships with our partners, our unique children for the benefit of all? Can we even become creative in our parenting? Do you connect and resonate with the following statements?

  • ‘Looking through the eyes of a young child gives us as adults a wonderful opportunity (and challenge) to grow and develop and learn about ourselves, and to transform and heal our own inner child.’

  • ‘Be like the sun - centred, warmly blessing and unconditionally loving the creatures of the earth. Trust that you are the one your child has come to, that you will find what you need in order to give your child what he or she needs. Be compassionate towards yourself and your partner, as you find your way towards confidence and peace in your parenting.’

I am passionate about supporting parents connect with what they truly feel, and helping them to understand the difference between their own issues and their children’s needs. I can offer key support in being able to be more reflective, rather than reactive, and in developing intuition in honest and authentic ways.

These workshops are offered in Melbourne and other regions and are for every parent who is searching for ways to be conscious and kind in their relationships to their children.

Past workshops have included topics such as:

  • The importance of Imagination and Imitation in the early years

  • The magic of stories in helping with behavioural issues

  • Creating special birthdays using handmade puppets

  • Nourishing all the senses

  • The Wisdom of Play

  • Creative Discipline

  • Parenting with Kindness and Insight

  • How to support children


What Carol offers

So if you have a group of friends who wish to gather around topics that concern you all, or you wish to have me at your school to speak to parents, I will arrange to come at a reasonable fee. For workshops, typically there are three sessions to give time for questions, discussions, deepening and developing tools for conscious parenting.

Who is it for?

Parents, grandparents and teachers

What will you gain/experience?

Confidence, insights, clarity, simple and effective tools and techniques.