NIA for Wellbeing


I am available to provide Nia sessions as mindful movement for wellbeing. I have provided these experiences to corporations, neighbourhood houses, and other organisations.

Carol's personal journey in NIA

"I discovered Nia after having chronic asthma for ten years and needing to do something that would restore my very poor lung capacity and fitness. I was determined to wean myself off cortisone and was convinced that I had to make some systemic changes that were sustainable if I was going to get my health back. I had tried walking, swimming, Latin-American dancing, even the gym, and was not able to sustain the practices that became boring, exhausting, and made me feel constantly like a failure.

Someone mentioned Nia to me when I expressed the longing for dance, and after my first session of Nia it was love for evermore! Now, 15 years later after completing the White, Blue and Brown Belt training, I teach 3-4 times a week and am so grateful for this practice in my life, which provides a strong foundation for everything else I do.

One of the most profound aspects is the ability of self-healing on a physically as well as emotionally through Nia as mindful movement. I personally have healed my ankles, knees and chronic neck and shoulder injuries. I have had Meniere’s, which affects one’s balance and can be very debilitating. After having had it for about 18 years I can say that it has only improved and now I experience symptoms very seldom and much less intensely. In fact I dance and do circles and spirals mindfully when I do have an attack, and feel myself improving very quickly."


In terms of group experiences we can enhance our collaborative work by moving joyfully together in a non-competitive way. We walk out of a Nia session full of energy, relaxed and positive. And, it has been shown that we all increase our pain threshold by moving together.

Who is it for?

Any Body

What will you gain?

Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Stability, which all leads to self-confidence and joy in your life.

Carol also offers Nia classes every week in Hawthorn, Warrandyte, and Port Melbourne.