Journey of the Heart

The Journey of the Heart is a path of personal and communal exploration, created to develop skills and learn to speak the language of the heart using the arts.

  • Are you at a stage of your life where you are questioning your direction and path and need a safe and creative space to explore your unique direction?

  • Would you like to discover ways of expressing yourself artistically using a range of artistic media in order to live more fully and authentically?

  • Do you wish to become more confident, enthusiastic and engaged in your work and social life?

I provide a safe and gentle space for self-nurturing, helping you to unlock your unique gifts. We learn together and through each other how to release the imaginative and playful forces we had as children, and integrate them into our lives.


Through using the magic of the arts we sensitively transform the boulders that stand in our way into new stepping stones. We enhance our emotional intelligence and learn to express ourselves more freely and without fear. Most of all, we have fun!

Our pathway for this journey is based on dialogue, expressing ourselves through artistic media (drawing, painting, claywork, mindful movement, joyful dance, poetry, song) and reflection. We co-create the journey, giving space for each person’s issues of concern and personal growth challenges.   


Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to explore their creative possibilities

What will you gain/experience?

A sense of freedom, confidence in trying out new things, and a real appreciation of the creative process in different media. No previous experience in any of the above media is necessary.


Seven sessions of 3 hours each using diverse media. This can be customised to suit your group or team.


Thank you for the past seven Saturdays. Each session you empowered me by guiding me in how to practically, physically express myself- through simply sketching movement with pencil, drawing faces with charcoal- I can’t believe I can do these two things now!- working with clay or watercolours or collage (who knew I was creative or could see colours in that way!), and through poetry, dance and ‘jamming’ (the two latter of which I was truly terrified of but ended up enjoying the most, I was so surprised and happy!)
— Bec
Thank you Carol for your direction, knowledge and instigating this course!! I loved every minute of the Journey.
— Alysia