Parenting from the Heart

Most parents do the best they can and have very good intentions for their children. And yet, for most of us, we often feel ill-prepared for the very challenging process of dealing with behaviours we don’t readily understand or even have the energy for.


How do we live through and survive one of the most challenging and meaningful aspects of being human? I have found parenting to be a most profound journey in self-development and self-mastery. Most of us have had very little preparation for the reality of becoming parents. We usually have not had to face having to deal with critical responsibilities while being acutely sleep-deprived, for example. In addition, we can be very confused by all the literature and expert advice offered constantly and it can take some time before we realise that we each have a very unique pathway on this journey, and that each child is very unique as well. 

I realised as I learnt to parent, how helpful it would have been to have a wise elder who could give me tips, insights and loving support. I learnt, as most parents do, by trial and error, experimenting with different ways and carefully watching the outcomes and reactions of my children.


Very seldom did I have a chance to see another example of how situations could be dealt with differently with a different outcome. Now after so many years of experience I wish to make that wisdom available to parents, to help them and encourage them to develop their own parenting styles. I believe that one of the keys to conscious and kind parenting is to learn how to listen to your own heart and do what feels integrated with your core values.